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Electric cars is not something new for many, almost everyone familiar with something called EV (Electrical vehicle).

So let me explain little bit about electric vehicles, its obvious everyone knows that electrical vehicles powered by electricity, the name itself is obvious! but do you know how it really works? The concept of electrical vehicles is the same concept as the remote control cars (RC), those small toy cars played by kids, it uses battery, so does EVs! but electrical vehicle is in large scale! instead of just controlling it, people can ride it! isn't that awesome? some may wondering and says, "electric cars? battery runs out, then it'll stop and that's not a good thing when your destination is still far from sight huh?". Well it's just the same as material fueled cars, no fuel no go right? but don't worry, the technology installed in most today's electric cars are quite.. high tech, don't believe me? lets check out the video below.

While you on the move, you're recharging your battery, your fuel for you to go on distance more! isn't that fantastic? petrol or diesel fuel wont or never gonna do something as cool as this technology.

When we look around the streets, only a few Malaysian people are started to drive electrical cars, but if you ask yourself, how effective electrical cars really is? well lets see what you think about EVs after you watch the YouTube video below.

So those who read about this and watched the video above knows a little bit about electrical vehicles,. I'm hopping you all excited about this and maybe start wondering to have one! I believe, soon in the near future, we all gonna move from petrol/diesel fueled cars to electrical cars! soon everyone gonna own at least 1 EV's car at home, the rumors about petrol and diesel running out in 2030 maybe true! we can't joke about that all the time!

There are people out there are willing to contribute and helping to develop EVs, those people are taking serious about petrol and diesel running out rumors and even more about saving the mother Earth from CO2 pollution especially from cars!

Above, A change from petrol powered cars to EV UNITEN's (University Tenaga Nasional) EV

Electrical cars are available today, but the price is way above the graph compared to today's standard petrol cars. Many people are willing to buy cars the are affordable to them which are petrol cars rather than thinking about the fuel running out rumors or the pollution cause by petrol's cars. lets take this seriously!

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