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Firstly, we would like to say that we love the "Artiga" brand name since it is like saying in Bahasa Malaysia the R3 (R-Three; in Bahasa Malaysia "Three" pronounce as "Tiga" [Tee-Ga]).

If you ask us, it is a good move if Proton officially create another brand name under its own umbrella. For example, Honda have Acura and Toyota have Scion for United States market. R3 or Artiga could be the high end brand for all Proton cars.

The following cars is based on Proton Satria Neo CPS. But on its exterior, it received a huge amount of improvement. The Artiga concept have design a front bonnet, new cool-stylish-tube-like-signals with HID head lamps, new design front bumper and grill. 

On its left and right hand side, it also equip with a new design signals light to fit to new extended wheel arch at the front and rear side with Sparco fuel cap. 

The side mirror is same as Satria Neo but it is now made on carbon fibre.

If you looking at the back of these car, you can see these car is a bit wider with massive huge twin pipe exhaust system.

Proton have release a high end version of CAMPRO engine named CAMPRO CPS a couple of years before. But for these Artiga, the R3 division have come out with something much better; a supercharger for CAMPRO CPS and with these supercharger, it increased the horse power up to 180 hp with maximum speed of 235 km/h. 0-100km/h in 7.6 seconds.

To stop these car safely, they have to equip Endless ventilated Rotors with 4 pot calipers at the front and solid disc at the back. The suspension also received a new upgrade from Cusco Japan with Cusco Zero-3g adjustable hi-low soft-hard settings with OZ-Racing sports rim.

The interior of these Artiga look more fresh with material like carbon fibre for some part of the dashboard and steering wheels

These car is official distributed by Carrosser Japan.

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