Dubai Police Pursuits With Luxury Style And Speed!

5:00 PM

Recently we heard about Malaysian police (Malaysia Royal Police) pursuit with style and speed with MITSUBISHI Evo-X, as a Malaysian myself, I'm really proud to the government, to the police which dare to show those criminals that they can run but they can't hide, scaring them to piece.

It’s look like Dubai, the place on earth where the desert turns to city. The police there are following the trends of today’s world police, but this time the policeman there are rolling with luxuries style and speed. They are currently updating their patrol cars from BMW 5-Series cars to modified Chevy Camaro which will be used to patrol highways and external roads outside the city. Currently they are holding the records for the world’s largest building (Burj Dubai Tower) and now they are going to take over for the record for world’s police bestest pursuit ride?

Lt Gen Dahi Khalfan Tamim and other senior police officials look at the new fleet of police cars that are fitted with powerful engines and are expected to hit the roads soon. – Source: Gulfnews

The reports shown that this modified Chevy Camaro are equipped with powerful engines with super high gripping tires which can pursuits suspect at high speed with any type of weather.

Now there are no way criminals can escape this time! Especially in Dubai! 

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