Video: Morning opening with old skool cars

4:00 PM

I really like old skool japs car. For enthusiast, it brings nostalgia during childhood, the same goes to me. Toyota KE20, KE30 and KE70 are among popular cars among Malaysia people.


It is not because they cannot afford to buy new car but the sentimental value is most important. To modified an old cars is not as easy as we thought. Modern car is much easier to upgrade since the performance part are available. You just need a deep pocket to make your car looks better and move faster and safer.


But it is not the same case when you upgrading or restoring old cars. If you have the money, it is not guarantee you owned what you want.


Here is some video from OldSkool Malaysia. In this video there are some cars that I really like. The first three car (KE30 and two KE70, they made a nice simple mods), a white Toyota Sprinter and in the last KE70 in white color (really like its classic sports rim) Winking smile


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