Proton Exora 1.6 turbo?

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VW have came out with a 1.2L turbo with supercharger and it is normal nowadays to implant force-aspirated into a smaller engine. Automakers today are trying to cut on their development. Instead of building a totally new a 2.0 L engine, why not put a turbo into a 1.6L engine if it can produce the same horse power.


This is what Proton (a Malaysia national car maker) are trying to do. Proton have came up with their own engine which named CAMPRO. This 1.6L engine is a replacement for Mitsubishi engine for almost all its lineup. Basic CAMPRO (without CPS) can produce around 110hp.


On December 2008, Proton’s chairman said that they are working on 1.6L turbo CAMPRO CPS engine. The prototype been unleashed on Proton Exora model.



Look at its intercooler Surprised smile



Since then, enthusiast are waiting the upcoming model with a turbo engine. Mass producing a turbo engine is not an easy thing as it said. Yup, you can have bolt-on-turbo in a CAMPRO CPS. But is it reliable? All parts inside the engine need to be replace with a better one. The ECU of the engine also need to be remap and re-program too suite the new engine characteristics. Since CAMPRO CPS was already built for performance, it really need to work hard to get a perfect tuned

But spy shot for the new Exora have spread around the internet. This Exora is seems to have a new front bumpers with a big air intake (turbo engine are producing more heat). So, this Exora might have a turbo inside it.


A mass production turbo car usually equip with soft turbo. So, this is why you cannot see a big stainless steel intercooler.




An this Exora seems to be fitted with CVT transmission (a better one than existing Exora)



So, is this will be the upcoming Exora with turbo CPS engine? We will see that Winking smile By the time being I left you with a couple video from Gen-2 turbo (bolt-on-turbo)





Persona turbo:


… and this is what Malaysian people are doing with their CAMPRO Winking smile

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