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The Falcon F7

4:30 PM

The Falcon F7 is one of those cars that just reels you in. I first saw it sitting in the Dupont Registry booth at Barrett-Jackson back in January and I just stood and stared at it, along with everyone else. The placement was prime – I must have walked past it ten times coming and going to the auction, but it was the aggressive angular design that made us all look. Then, finally, my friend Justin had the idea to arrange a photoshoot.

Over the course of two days, Justin and I kept visiting the car in the Dupont Registry booth, growing more familiar with its lines and details, and also peeling back the layers of people who stood between us and the photoshoot we so wanted to bring you. Our efforts paid off when we were introduced to the mastermind behind the Falcon F7: Jeff Lemke. Understandably he was always on the move, as the guy who not only builds these beasts, but also runs his own start-up supercar company.

The next tricky part was getting a car that was visiting from Detroit, out of the world’s biggest auto auction and to a suitable location before it had to head back across the country. Eventually we wound up shooting at a nearby desert park, meeting before dawn on a typical freezing Arizona winter morning.

The first thing you notice when you view an exotic car like this is, of course, the form – and it should make your heart flutter when you see the right one for you. This is where Jeff began his quest to combine all the best things about the supercars he loved but couldn’t live with.

To start, there’s the pinch-waisted shape influenced by Ferrari 288 GTO, a front that feels a little like a Viper and a strong Ford GT40 vibe too. Then he gave it a road-hugging ride height and a radical, long rear deck to emphasize the mid-engine layout.

Source: SpeedHunters



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