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Nelson Piquet Jr drift a BMW i8

4:30 PM

No messing, let’s get straight to the point: this is a video of BMW’s ultimate eco warrior being thrashed well beyond the edge of adhesion by Formula E racing driver Nelson Piquet Jr. This is the BMW i8 throwing some outrageous shapes.
Is it drifting or a carefully edited spin – you be the judge. But it’s an entertaining 94 seconds of footage, nonetheless. Especially as it also involves a group of engineers from wireless charging company Qualcomm attempting to answer questions about the technology from the passenger seat.
This particular i8 is also the Formula E safety car, hence the roll cage. And the light bar. Qualcomm’s tech is used to support the new all-electric racing championship, which zapped into action for the first time this past weekend.
Source: CarMagazine

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