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Liberty Walk: Remote Control Your Exhaust Sound with GT-R R35 Armytrix

4:30 PM

When you driving in a residency area, you will feel a bit uneasy if your exhaust sound was a bit loud up to a level you can killed people with heart attack or wake up babies in the middle of night. Yes, you can ignore them but it is rude to do that. (In some cases, you will be chased out by police!)

Liberty Walk have installed an exhaust system from Armytrix which enable you to control the sound of your exhaust by controlling its valve opening. 

So, when you are driving on Autobahn, you can full utilised it and enjoy your driving by opening the valve all the time.  

After attending one of the local Vancouver street scene meets a couple of months ago, the Stig had an exhaust that totally grabbed my interest.

Besides looking very cool with the burned Titanium tips, The Stig said that his exhaust was controllable via remote to select different exhaust volume/output. I looked into it a bit further and was impressed with this feature.

I find the Armytrix Supreme Valvetronic Exhaust System for R35 GTR to be very impressive visually, but the adjustability of the kit was equally impressive. You can actually set the level of throttle and RPM custom to activate (open) the exhaust at your preferred setting when engaged in the "AUTO" mode.

To further explain, the wireless remotes have "ON" "OFF" and "AUTO" modes.
ON = Basically a straight pipe! LOL...loud exhaust all the time!OFF = Vacuum engaged and exhaust is in quiet mode.AUTO = User customizable parameters to open the exhaust at preset throttle plus RPM level.

The exhaust defaults to Auto after each restart of the vehicle. I love this thing!

Source: Armytrix


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